50 Reasons to Exercise to Help you Fit & Healthiest

50 Reasons to Exercise 01. Lifts your mood 02. Improves learning abilities 03. Builds self-esteem 04. Keeps your brain feet 05. Boosts mental health 06. Boosts your immune system 07. Reduce stress 08. Keeps your body fit & able 09. Makes you feel happier 10. Has anti-aging effects

Generate $3000 while you sleep

Generate $3000 while you sleep ! Everyday when you wake up you make breakfast for your daughter and drive her to school. You usually work out and run some errands before you head back home to get to “work”. It’s hard to even call it “work” though, because all you do is give your opinion on products and web sites and you get paid CASH! Companies need your opinions to make their products better so they can make even more

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A New Decade Starts, Today.

Hi, today it’s been a decade(10 years) of my life Completed in Surat. I am very thankful to my wife, parents, in-laws specially Bhai, my whole family, relatives, friends, colleagues and all well wishers during my struggles and time of joy. It had been great years with all of you and expecting same in coming decades from all of you. Again thanks to my wife Nisha to bring our love in this world our Junior, SAFAL. You both are my

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