Pushti Parv Panchang Tippani Vikram Samvat 2071 Year 2015

Pushti Parv Panchang Tippani 2071

Pushti Parv Panchang Tippani Vikram Samvat Year 2071 આરતી શ્રીનાથજીની મંગલા કરી શ્રી યમુના કવચ શ્રી યમુનાષ્ટક ટીપ્પણી-પંચાંગ ચોપડા ખરીદવાના શુભ મુહૂર્ત દિવાળી – લક્ષ્મીપૂજન – ચોપડાપૂજન સંવત ૨૦૭૨ પેઢી પ્રારંભ મુહૂર્ત શ્રી મંગલાચરણ વ્રતની પૂનમ કમુહુર્તા ગ્રહણો એકાદસી ની યાદી લગ્નના મુહૂર્ત વાસ્તુ કળશના મુહૂર્ત ખાત મુહૂર્ત – ભૂમિ પૂજન ચોઘડિયા [sociallocker] શ્રી પુષ્ટિ પર્વ પંચાંગ ટીપ્પણી વિક્રમ સંવત૨૦૭૧ ઈ.સ. ૨૦૧૪-૨૦૧૫ [/sociallocker]

10 things you probably did not know or thought about

10 things you probably did not know or thought about At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. At least 15 people in the world love you in some way. If you haven’t done anything to someone who hates you, it’s because they want to be like you. Your smile can bring happiness to even a stranger. You mean the world to someone. If it wasn’t for you, someone may not be

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A New Decade Starts, Today.

Hi, today it’s been a decade(10 years) of my life Completed in Surat. I am very thankful to my wife, parents, in-laws specially Bhai, my whole family, relatives, friends, colleagues and all well wishers during my struggles and time of joy. It had been great years with all of you and expecting same in coming decades from all of you. Again thanks to my wife Nisha to bring our love in this world our Junior, SAFAL. You both are my

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